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Top 10 Worst Prisons In The World You’ll Ever See

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The world in which we live is quite dangerous. Certain people are a serious threat to society. Our solution to this problem are prisons – institutions where people are locked away for crimes, meant to rehabilitate them back into society. But prisons don't work that way, some are are full of aggression. These are the 10 you never want to end up at. 

1. Carandiru Prison, Brazil

(Image credit: YouTube)

Located in Brazil, Carandiru is one of the worst, brutal, most dangerous and infamous prisons in history. Built in 1920 and operational from 1956 to 2002, it was once the largest prison in South America. 

It was venue of one of the worst prison massacres ever, when 102 inmates were shot dead following a riot in 1992. Over the 46 years of its history, 1300 inmates have lost their lives. The prison acquired quite notoriety for human rights violations. Carandiru was closed and demolished in 2002 as the result of a wide campaign led by Amnesty International. A part of the prison is now a museum.

2. Camp 22, North Korea

(Image credit: Google Earth)

Rightly known as Haengyong concentration camp, the prison was built in 1965 to accommodate political prisoners. The deplorable conditions would certainly remind one of the Nazi concentration camps

The families of convicts, including children, are imprisoned here never to return outside. In addition to hard labour, various methods of torture and starvation are imposed upon the inmates. People, including infants, are subjected to various scientific experiments as well. In 1990s, the prison housed around 50,000 inmates. If one attempts an escape, he is executed along with his whole family.

3. Tadmor Military Prison, Syria

(Image credit: Dom Hertz)

Dubbed by Amnesty International as "the most oppressive prison in the world," with every aspect of it designed to dehumanise its populace.

It became more infamous in June 1980 when President Hafez al-Assad ordered the killings of all prisoners as retaliation for the attempted assassination on his life by the Muslim Brotherhood. The 'clean-up' massacre that lasted for 2 weeks killed some 800 to 2,400 inmates.

4. Diyabakir Prison, Turkey

(Image source: Weibo)

The world’s most sadistic and forbidding penal institution has been referred to as having the greatest number of human rights violations per prisoner

Known for a great number of instances of physical and mental torture, it also gained notoriety for its un-livable conditions, sexual abuse of inmates, and for incarcerating children for life. To escape their situations, inmates attempted hunger strikes, committed suicide, and even set themselves on fire.

5. Alcatraz Prison, USA

(Image credit: Wikipedia)

'The Rock’ or ‘Devil’s Island’ is a prison hell that was built in the 1920s and was designed in such a way that escape was improbable

As the inmates lost contact with the outside world, they were subjected to abusive and arrogant guards who imposed complete silence as prisoners were not only disallowed to converse with each other, but to show their emotions as well.

6. Riker's Island, USA

(Image credit: National Mortgage Professional Magazine)

One of America’s most notorious prisons, it was characterised by beatings, stabbings, and brutal treatment not only from the guards but also from inmates who were deployed as ‘enforcers’ by the guards

A hotbed for violence and aggression, it gained media attention in 2007 when an 18-year-old prisoner was beaten senseless with a billy club by other teenage inmates as the guards looked on. It is also known for its cruel treatment of mentally ill prisoners, who often turn to suicide.

7. La Sante, France

(Image credit: Turkey Online)

Ironically, La Sante, which means ‘health,’ is not a good place for prisoners’ mental and physical well-being as they were forced to live in deplorable conditions in overcrowded concrete cells with rats and lice

A virtual hellhole, this understaffed torture chamber of violence can make any person lose his sanity with the harsh daily realities of life. Out of sheer desperation, 122 prisoners committed suicide in 2002 and 73 more by 2003 as many swallowed drain cleaners to end their misery.

8. Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand

(Image via Captain Bangkok)

The ‘Bangkok Hilton’ housed the ‘napinya chained’ inmates, many of whom went crazy due to the stress of the first month in detention. 

The most violent prison in all of Thailand houses many foreign prisoners and handles death row inmates. It is known for being overcrowded, understaffed, and having deplorable living conditions.

9. La Sabaneta, Venezuela

(Image credit:

In one of the most brutal penal facilities in South America, violence is a daily occurrence

Besides being at the mercy of diseases, insufficient food and care, little to no medical services, and underpaid staff, inmates were also left to their own devices as they fashion weapons to kill one another.

10. Gitama Central Prison

(Image credit: Adrian Arbib)

Described as hell on earth, all prisoners were doomed to eat, sleep, live, rot, and die squeezed together with four men per square yard in the roofless brick box called the Gitarama Prison. Designed to house 400 people, the population boomed to 7,000 in the mid-1990s in the wake of the Rwandan genocide, and prisoners were left for dead there. 

Amidst dysentery and despair, prisoners stand cramped together under all weather conditions, choking on the smoke of cooking fires, and suffering from gangrene. They even resorted to eating each other’s flesh out of sheer desperation.

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