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9 Tips on How to create the Perfect Niume Post

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Hi Niumers! In this post we'd like to you give your some tips on how to create the perfect Niume post, to ensure it will be read and enjoyed by thousands of readers. 

1. Add an impressive Picture or Video to grab the attention of the Reader 

If you want your post to be read and shared by many people its MUST have some form of media (picture or video) that instantly grabs the attention of the reader and makes him or her want to discover more about what you are writing. 

2. Make your Title Stand out

It is very important for your title to be descriptive and interesting for people to pay attention. Don't forget that in most cases people may not know about the topic you are writing about, so explain what your story is all about! 

3. Include a Background Image on Your Post 

Background images are the best way of blowing away your readers from the get go and hooking them to what your writing about. So if you can spend that extra 5 minutes looking for the perfect background image it will make the whole difference! 

4. Make your text engaging and interesting to read 

Always add a description to your post! And if you do make sure the text is lively, engaging and interesting to read. 

5. Highlight the Important Parts of your Text and Add Sub-Titles  

You can format your text on Niume by hovering over any part of your text. This will enable you to make text bold, put in italics, or increase its size if it is a subtitle or header. Doing so through your post will engage your reader a lot more and make your post a lot more shareable. 

6. Let your readers breathe! 

If your post is heavy on the text side make sure you divide your text in paragraphs and include as much imagery as you can to make it light to read. It will increase the popularity of your post and help readers enjoy your writing a lot more! 

7. Select the correct sphere and tags for your post 

It doesn't make much sense to post a travel experience on the movies & series sphere, or a food recipe on a music sphere...but you'd be surprised how often it happens! Simply make sure your post goes in line with the interest of the sphere to reach the perfect audience for your content. 

Also don't forget to add tags to your post! It will help readers find it when exploring Niume. 

8. Invite People to Comment to Kick Start a Discussion

The best way to get people returning over and over again to your post is to get a discussion going on your post. In most cases this happens naturally, but to kick start a discussion tell your friends about your post and ask them to drop a comment. If other readers see that someone has already started a discussion they will have a high chance of taking part as well! 

9. Share your post on Social Media

To give your post an initial visibility make sure you share it on social media. This will enable it to climb further up the sphere! 

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