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Quick guide to using guides

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Guides are one of the most popular internet content nowadays.

If you think about it, it makes sense. We usually go online in order to see something entertaining or to learn new stuff. A lot of people have improved their skills on the Internet. So, guides will always be important as a source of knowledge and information.

Have in mind that unlike written essays, guides posted on blogs have a commercial purpose.

Main reason why writers make them in the first place was not to help individuals or to better the world. They are in no way academic. Instead, their main function is to get more links, more traffic and to improve the authority of the whole website. They are a custom marketing tools meant to increase product and service sales.

What is so great about guides?

It’s really simple: you get all the necessary information in one place.

Majority of the guides on the internet have instructional, teaching purpose. This means if a person is interested in learning about a topic, he/she doesn’t have to look further than this website.

But this also creates a big problem for a writer.

Guides were really popular for a certain period of time. As of late they have seen a decline in popularity and conversion. Why has this happened?

At one moment, everyone was writing such pieces. The competition was stiff and as the time went by, you really needed to create something great in order to attract the necessary attention.

As if that wasn’t enough, people started reacting negatively to this type of essay writing. Have in mind that most of the people seek quick answers to their questions. Although there are those who wish to learn, there is no real reason why they would stick with a piece that goes forever. In fact, some authors purposely tried to prolong their guides in order to make them more wholesome.

Because of these issues, it became much harder to create a good quality guide that will attract attention of readers. However, that doesn’t mean

Things you have to know when creating a guide

Based on everything said so far you probably think that guide creation is nothing more than compiling data in one article. This cannot be farther from the truth.

When you write a guide, it is not only about information and functionality. For a person to read this guide, it is necessary for a page to be readable and easy to digest. Best way you can accomplish this is by a mix of SEO and marketing tricks. Let’s check some of them!

• Preparing for keyword research

Like with any other project, it is necessary to do keyword research. But before you can do this, it is necessary to plan the article and put things on paper. Yes, the guide should definitely increase your traffic but it should also lead people to your products and services persuading them to buy something. You always have to consider your ultimate goal and how you wish to reach it.

• Getting the right keyword

After the initial plan you are ready to find a lucrative keyword. Guide can be pretty useless if: 1. You can’t get enough traffic from that keyword; 2. You can’t rank for that keyword.

• Focus on visuals

No matter how good you papers are, it is necessary to attract attention. Today’s generations are really visual and they require images, videos and other solutions. Also, you require a good layout, readable text and professional presentation.

• Make it academic

One of the first things students learn when it comes to an essay is that you need to add sources. Linking to other authoritative websites may seem counterproductive and as a free promotion but it will increase your reputation within industry and make your work more trustworthy.


Guides still work. If you have a proper content policy and you pay attention to small details, it is really easy to create one.

There are a lot of companies on the market that are providing this service. If the things do not work out, you can always contact them to buy an essay type guide from them. However, I am sure you can do it yourself!

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