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Dr. Ernest Holmes, in his book, How to Change Your Life, described something he called a "spiritual mind treatment". He affirmed, "There is one Life, that Life is God, that Life is perfect, that Life is my Life now. My body is a manifestation of the living Spirit. It is created and sustained by the One Presence and the One Power. I am One with this infinite rhythm of life which flows through me in love, in harmony, and in peace. There is no fear, no doubt, and no uncertainty, in my mind. There is one Life, that Life is perfect, and that Life is my Life now."

Did you feel the power, comfort, and radiant Light flowing from these words of healing? These positive statements are actually forms of what some people call, "affirmative prayers". Remember, I am not here today to endorse one healing process over another. I do suggest that we try to be open to whatever helps us know and feel the shining, loving, Infinite Presence. For me, that's what spiritual healing is all about - the shining, loving, Infinite Presence.

Of course many other spiritual leaders, including the Way Shower and Master Teacher, Jesus, presented wonderful tips about healing too. For example, John (14:12), "In solemn truth I tell you, anyone believing in me shall do the same miracles I have done, and even greater ones..." Luke (10:9): Jesus sent 70 disciples to spread the good news. "Heal the sick, and as you heal them say, The Kingdom of God is very near you now." Mark (6:17), "And those who believe shall use my authority to cast out demons and they shall speak in new tongues. They will be able to handle snakes with safety, and if they drink anything, poisonous, it won't hurt them; and they will be able to place their hands on the sick and heal them."

In my humble opinion, I say yes to all of this Truth that actually sets us free according to diverse spiritual and even religious principles about prayer and meditation. The bottom line is that what works for us may not work for you. With an open mind and heart, you can find your own pathway to healing. Just keep trying what your Inner Voice guides you to do. And you will surely "overcome".

My take on healing can be boiled down to three main points: #1. Find ways to let go of stress and relax. This is huge.

#2. Remain open to the many different means to experience unconditional Love within and all around us. Love does give us the answers.

#3. Understand that although our physical bodies are healing machines and our subconscious mind can influence our bodies, discover a variety of methods to surrender to Spirit. This process of surrender and becoming an open channel to God working through us, could be the key to all miracles.

Briefly, let me expand upon each of these points:

#1. Relax. Do whatever is positive and healthy to find peace of mind. Learn about the Relaxation Technique, yoga breath, the Emotional Freedom Technique, tai chi, Open Heart Meditation, and more.

(More on my healing techniques on the next page.)

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