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2017 Mid-Year Top Tech trends...

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Every year I publish my list of Tech Trends. What I do as a consultant is I consider what my customers are asking for, what I am researching and the trends that I see on the crowd funding sites that I use. Normally I actually list out technologies only but this time I am going to actually put in technology buckets and then within the buckets detail my listings of products that meet the created categories.

1. Personalized interaction devices:

This category represents devices you have that are in your home and interact with you in a personalized manner.

The products in this category are: Jibo, Amazon Echo and Google Home (more are coming and I may add them in my fall update)

2. Home Theater and projection products

These are products that help you by making it easier to connect, use and interact with media content. There are any number of projectors on the market.

The products in this category are Keecker and the H1 Projector. There are two other products that get honorable mention The Touchpond products and the Dos Owls projectors.

3. Mobile Device adds on for unique or customized video

These products are added to your cellular phone or connect to your cell phone and provide you with additional functionality your cellular camera does not have today.

The products in this category include The Infrared Cameras from Seek Thermal. The UV camera was Nurego and the wonderful Structure product from Ocipital. Each of these cameras adds a number of functions to your device. The Seek Thermal camera is great for determining if you have leaks in your windows or the current heat products by an engine. The UV camera shows the impact of UV on human skin. Finally, The Structure Camera actually lets you scan in 3 dimensions and they now have a free software package that lets you scan a room!

There are more future tech trend posts to come. This is just the beginning (or just the first 3).

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