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One of the reasons I am skeptical of even the most current approaches to mental health care is that for the most part, providers overlook the natural resources that any psychotic adult has (MUST have) who survives her/his illness into middle age.

My 9 to 5 since "retirement" two years ago is making experimental films. However, there were thousands of strange days after bipolar manic sleep (i.e., 3 hours or less) when I went to paralegal/legal editor/legal secretary jobs out of focus like the character in this video; and full of anxiety, dread, and hyperbolically negative thoughts. I have spent most of my summers, sometimes beginning in April or May, like this ever since my thirties. I was finally diagnosed in my forties. I used to write briefs and demand letters like this. Yesterday, too crazy to go outside, I edited video instead.

I am mystified how I went to dayjob like that. I am even more mystified why it seems to have occurred to only one of my mental health care providers (who was bipolar himself) to teach me how to use my own natural resources to manage my illness better. Until I learned to do that, summer was a nightmare for me, and a complete wash.

You really do never know what another person might be coping with in her/his inner life. However, bipolars are over 2% of the population - maybe you should know. We have excellent survival skills.

Banner and first video: VOICE, A PERFORMANCE ART MOVIE, 2016

Second video and remaining images: TYFTB (thank you from the bottom), 2013, remastered 2017

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