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CREATION: The Struggle for the First Star

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I currently am in the pre-production character development phase of my in-progress project, CREATION ("The Infancy of the World"). CREATION is a mythology based on Mbombo, the creator god in the religion and mythology of the Kuba of Central Africa, who created the world by vomiting various parts of it. The First One vomits The Second One, who in turn vomits an egg and immediately rejects. The First One rescues the egg and changes it into a star, which is then coveted by The Second One who becomes obsessed with it but also confused by it.

I know how CREATION should look, but since the characters are infants who have just come into existence, my biggest task is exploring who The First One and The Second One react while they create the Universe. This is the most exciting and scariest improvisation that I've ever done because I am trying to find my way in the dark in a strange place.

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