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So I'm back at the beginning editing my graphic novel 'Elves Get Organized?' and realize the ears of my elves are huge! How can this be? I know that normal ears start between the nose and mouth and end up just above the eye. For me elf ears are taller, but woah, I really made  my elves look like animals...

It's funny really, how one can become blind to one's own work. The positive side in doing graphic novel(or call it comic - same to me) is that it takes a long time. By the time you have finished drawing and start doing colors, you have distanced yourself from your work and see it with more fresh eyes.

There are always more skills to learn. I was so proud to learn to do a basic speech bubble for my first book. Yesterday I saw a video how to do more custom shaped bubbles, and I feel ashamed. So I confess- I sometimes draw poorly and my speech bubbles suck. For now.

To ridicule myself I drew the Dumbo Elf - which could be a character in a next after next book. Could call it Dumb Ol' Elf or...

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