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#1918 "Spring Morning Jim Day"

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I thought the title was mildly humourous. I set my easel in the shelter of Jim Day Rapids looking across the outlet. It was a chilly spring morning full of the sounds of wild life getting back into the swing of life. The ruffed grouse were drumming - a dangerous activity as it is like ringing the dinner bell for the Goshawk. Wild turkeys were gobbling nearby as well. The Canada geese and a mute swan were having a territorial difference of opinion. The mute (raised orange bill) swan is an aggressive, invasive specie from Europe and appears to be expanding its range considerably in Canada. The loons swam with the current down through Jim Day Rapids and scared the gander of the nesting Canada goose away. Once the loon moved into Jim Day Rapids, the Canada goose and swan got out of Dodge.

I used a lot of paint on this canvas. The paint itself was rather old but I liked it that way. It suited me just fine.

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