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I painted so many years with oil colors. The

toxicity of them made me stop. Also the need to change, do something else.

Painting with watercolors is a fascinating, and no easy task. It reminds me of calligraphy and the principles of photography what people have described as 'painting with light'. In watercolors the light - the paper- is the essential part. If you want to paint on a black surface- well, it's almost better to go for gouaches.

The whole magic of watercolors,  is to let that glow show from below, not overdoing it and making it all stuffy. Well, it can work as a technique at parts, but often not.

Your darkest places  in your painting  are with most pigment, the lightest where the paper is seen. Yeah, try to be spontaneous with that!

Today's pic is a watercolor of warmth. 12 x 12cm I call 'Lightscape'. Yes I do like to make variations of the word 'landscape'.

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