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#1812 "King Street Shadows"

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I was painting during the 14th WORLDWIDE Paint Out Sept 9-11, 2016 GREAT WORLDWIDE PAINT OUT with the event organized by the Kingston School of Art. This is the sixth and last painting in that particular series.

Two little boys crossed the street to stand behind me for a minute or so and then they scampered off and went into the front door of the first brown house. They came out again periodically to play on the sidewalk. I tried to be very economical with my brush strokes on this painting.

I remember this portion of King Street very well. We had recently moved to Brockville in the summer of 1958 or so and I was 5 years old, more or less. We were headed home to Brockville after a visit to our friends, the Bakers who lived and worked on a dairy farm not far from the Kingston Airport. It was a winter night and freezing rain was falling. The burgundy, 1953 Chevrolet sedan pretty much just slid down this hill with nothing anyone could do about it. Having made it to the bottom without hitting anything, my Dad turned the car around and somehow made it back to the Bakers where we spent the night. That was the right decision.

Who would have thought that 55 years later I would be painting on the same street corner. Not much has changed in all of those years.

I was also there during the summer of 1976 having been hired out of Queens University by the then Atmospheric Environment Service. I was there to assist Brian O'Donnel and Mike Hewson were were the experienced meteorologists providing forecasts and briefings to the sailors. The sailing program of 1976 consisted of six sailing classes (disciplines). For each class, seven races were scheduled from 19 July 1976 to 27 July 1976 off the coast of Kingston on Lake Ontario. The sailing was done on the triangular-type Olympic courses. I painted #1809 "I Am the Walrus" standing in the shelter of the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour Olympic Flame.

Warmest regards from Phil the Forecaster … keep your paddle in the water… and your oils and brushes clean...

PS: The ongoing paintings in this series can be found at IPAP Worldwide Paint Out

PS: Phil’s Ongoing “Magazines”

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