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The Jack Pine - 1916

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The Jack Pine – Sketch -I suggest that Tom’s motivation to “record” this particular observation were the tree, colours of the hills and the cloud structure. The horizon is about in the middle so is this about the land, the sky or simply the Jack Pine? I suspect Dr MacCallum even named this painting so just what inspired Tom to paint this and then to complete a full studio work during the following winter? What was Tom thinking? 

OK... I am making all of this up! I do not really know for certain. I was not there. I wish that I had been there though! The CSI clues that are clearly hidden in the sketch for the Jack Pine Studio painting of 1917, are independently unconvincing. Together though I feel that these clues all cling conclusively to a likely solution. Here goes... stay with me...

The branches of the Jack Pine are not the same. Those on the left are longer than those on the right. This is the natural reaction of trees to the prevailing wind direction. Trees bend and grow with the wind. Trees are smarter than people who continually fight the elements. "Jack" would suggest that the prevailing wind is was right to left. The climatological wind in Algonquin Park is westerly, more or less. This flagging of Jack requires that Tom was looking southward and more or less, looking toward the sun...

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