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Manga Review: Daddy Long Legs

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Cha Young-mi is a young girl and just started her dream job as program writer in a radio and, even if not entirely everyone welcome her open handed, she manages to fit of her co-workers soon becomes her housemate as well! 

Cha Young just moved into an old house, once owned by a girl who worked at her same radio station, but left to get medical cures. Having problems with her laptot, one night Cha Young decides to use the girl's pc but as soon as she switches it on she starts to receive emails...wrote by the girl, dated one year old!

We find out that this young lady was in love with someone at the radio station, but never confess her feelings and now she had to leave (to get surgery in another country) without saying to her love interest her feelings. 

Cha Young decides to make public those emails, so air them in her radio program and the arouse a lot of interest. The purpose was to find the guy the writer of those mails was in love with. Meanwhile Cha Young becomes friends with a very shy young man named Kim Joon-hoo, who works in the radio's library...

On the background, Cha Young's story: the loss of her parents when she was a teenager and the possibility of finishing her studies thanks to the kindness and financial support of a misterious man, the Daddy Long Legs of the title.

                                        My Opinion

Initially I thought this was just the manga version of the 1912 novel, but truth is that the original story is just secondary to the main story: knowing the girl who wrote the email one year before the were discovered by the protagonist.  

Given that, the story is nice and you get chapter through chapter pretty easily and quickly. 

I admit it, I thought I would relive the original book story and that disappointed me at the begin, but going on reading it I liked it.

My vote: 2 ½/5

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