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The facts are well known...Edward Snowden, former highly skilled IT CIA and NSA agent, leaked in 2013 thousands of secrets files about how the US governament was, by fact, spying on nearly everyone in America and all around the world.                                                         Oliver Stone's movie is neither a critic nor a support of what he did, it simply tells fact, basing the scrip on two books about Snowden: The Snowden Files by L. Harding and Time of the Octopus by A. Kucherena.  

                   Here's my review and opinion, enjoy!

Edward Snowden, like many after 9/11, wants to do something concrete for his Country, first trying to enlist in the army (he got rejected due to physical issues) then being recruited as a CIA and NSA agent...

In the early days he didn't questioned about the legality and ethics of his job

, the main goal was to keep the USA safe from terrorist attacks (both real and virtual).

Durin his CIA training, he meets Lindsay Mills

and their relationship continues even



gets transfered in Geneva, Switzerland, and then in Japan

. It's there that

Edward starts to doubt about how his job invades other people privacy

and, in the end, his own. He begins to be

paranoid and anxious

, so quits and moves back in the United States.

After a quiet period,

Edward is contacted again for a position as an NSA agent in Oahu, Hawaii

; given his

eileptic attacks

, a warm weather could help so he accepts and moves once again, always with Lindsay. Once again his job is create an update version of a "spying" program and he won't be able to trust anybody...

                                        My opinion

The film doesn't follow a cronological timeline, it uses flashbacks instead. It begins in Hong Kong, 2013, with Edward having a series of meeting with two journalists of The Guardian.

The movie is centered in CIA and NSA informatic departments, but

the language used is perfectly comprehensible, doesn't stick on technicalities.

I think it is a great movie,

it balances pathos and suspance very well


the entire cast is outstanding, specially Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I would suggest the watch to anyone, it covers a wide rage of public.

My vote: 5/5

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