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#1811 "Shades of Green Sails"

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I was painting during the 14th WORLDWIDE Paint Out Sept 9-11, 2016 GREAT WORLDWIDE PAINT OUT with the event organized by the Kingston School of Art. This is the fifth painting in that particular series.

Everything was green. The water, sail boat and even the sails were various shades of green. This sail boat was from Ottawa but that is all I remember. I don't even recall the name. I liked the way that the reflected light danced with the ripples and waves in the harbour. Everything was in motion. If you were prone to motion sickness, I suppose this painting could also make you green. The title came to me as I painted. It seemed appropriate somehow.

Warmest regards from Phil the Forecaster … keep your paddle in the water… and your oils and brushes clean...

PS: The ongoing paintings in this series can be found at IPAP Worldwide Paint Out

PS: Phil’s Ongoing “Magazines”

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