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I'm on p 91 in my second graphic novel with the working title 'Elves Get Organized?', or EGO. I've been doing the drawing, inking, and the text, editing all the while. The basic story is the same I started with, but there have been  many smaller changes.

Round one will be finished by the end of this week, I suppose, and then I'll go back to the beginning and edit some more. Which is terrifying. I didn't work on a page for  four hours  just to delete it! Sometimes you just have to.

Then it's time for colors! Although my lazy side would love to leave it B&W- it would be cheaper as paperback, as well - it must be in color. That's another two months. My goal is to get it done by end of September, this year.

And yes, so, the cat. There are several, in a side role. Cats are fascinating to draw. They are so slick and so furry. So cute and so beastly. So ridiculous and so serious. Good thing is that the internet provides you with enough models to draw from, from every possible angle. So here's one, I added a bit color on it, and had to change the surface a bit.

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