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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

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Arthur's past is a big question mark: all he knows is that has been raised in a brothel by the lady who found him, years ago, in a boat on the river of Londinium. When you grow up in the streets you have to be either smarter or stronger than your opponents and Arthur is both...But one day he makes a mistake and is sent to Camelot, where king Vortigern is gathering young men to subject them to the "sword test".

King Vortigern usurped the throne from his brother and now he's looking for his only son, who managed to run away the night his parents died. The rightful heir is the only obstacle for Vortigern to finally reign over all England...

Arthur has a cocky attitude and zero patience, so wants to get done as quickly as possible with this test...needlees to say, he manage to pull out the sword from the rock and he's surprised like everyone else around him.                                                                               Vortigern reveals Arthur who he really is before his public execution but, thanks an unbelievable plan arranged by rebels, he gets his life saved...

                    Now it's time to get back what is rightfully his...

                                          My opinion

Like "47 Ronin" and "The Great Wall" this movie mix historical fiction with fantsy, no less Arthur is saved by the Mage, a powerful female wizard. I genuinely liked it, even if I didn't enjoyed the excessive use of slow motion and I think they could have cut some scenes that add nothing (if not minutes) to the story.                                    Strong points were the excellent cast choices and the breathtaking scenaries (mostly filmed in Scotland and YOU.CAN.TELL!) and even if the movie lasts more than 2 hours, you barely notice it. And, of course, Guy Ritchie's signature mark: the humour and the dialogues in general.

My vote: 3/5

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