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Amazing foods of Thailand.

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Thai food is known and eaten all over the world and for good reason who doesn't love Thailands unique cuisine with its sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty tastes which combined make a Thai meal so memorable. Salty eggs, fish, salt are used in many dishes and the almost iconic Thai fish sauce takes pride of place on every table. A meal would not be complete without salt or fish sauce being used in every dish or as a condiment.

Wherever you eat ...At a street stall, a floating market stall or in a restaurant the choice and standard of food is amazing ...If you see a lot of Thais eating somewhere  be guided by that...the food will be amazing, locals always know where the best food can be found, the seating and tables may be basic and the family may be playing or sleeping around you but in my experience, you will get the best of food. Do not be put off by the surroundings if you want authentic Thai food..... go local. 

Som Tam is my go to food, if I am peckish I just have Somtam and sticky rice if I want a more substantial meal then I eat chicken or steamed fish such a common sight wherever you go in Thailand is fish cooking on the BBQ in salt to retain its flavour and moisture, chicken speared on bamboo sticks, golden and succulent or deep fried and crispy, whatever your fancy you will find it. Served with a plate of freshly picked herbs and vegetables and a spicy chilli dip.... It is the best food on earth.

Pork/ or chicken with basil served with rice another street food or with a herb called Grapow with a fried egg on top ..absolutely heavenly.

These foods are Thai staples alongside Noodle soup or rice soup eaten anytime from daybreak to sunset by the very young or the old. Babies are served rice soup which is very nutritious, light and easy on the chilli or none at all.

Khao Kaa Moo or braised pork knuckle a dish of smoky, cinnamon smells which is slow cooked pork has the most amazing flavours. Just sitting eating a bowl of this while watching the world go by...heavenly.

Fried rice, every visitor to Thailand will no doubt try fried rice it may be served in a scooped out pineapple or just on a plate. But mixed with egg, finely chopped carrots, spring onions, seafood or chicken, pineapple the flavours just pop.

Pad Thai noodles I have had the best and the worst... at their best, it is a glorious thing and at the words... Stir fried noodles with egg, chicken, prawns and beansprouts with peanuts on the side.

Last but certainly not least, the glorious Thai curries, green curry, red curry, duck curry, Penang curry, jungle curry so many variations and the famous Khao Soi my all time favorite so beautiful to look at and with a taste that is nothing short of amazing it has all those iconic Thai flavours in one bowl. 

Crispy noodle, soft egg noodles, succulent chicken or pork, pickled sweet cabbage, shallots, fresh lime and a glorious fried very hot chilli paste if you dare to add it to your dish it will not disappoint but a word of warning it is not for the faint-hearted.

I have added the recipes for you from my previous posts and if you click the highlighted blue words of your choice it will open up the recipe page.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the foods of Thailand.

I can also be found over on my WP blog if you want further recipes or read about my travels around Thailand.

Thank you for reading.

Images are my own from my own personal collection or from Pixabay which require no attribution but to whom I give my thanks.

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