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Portsmouth Harbour, Kingston and the 14th WORLDWIDE Paint Out Sept 9-11, 2016

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I do not belong to many groups... I am the founding, charter and only member of "The Group of One". After my friend and mentor Mario Airomi passed away in 1976, it was time to develop my own style and explore my own artistic journey. That is how you become unique and discover new things - it is not by following - it is by leading - even if you are the only person in that parade as the Group of One. You might get lost but those are some of the best adventures and is what makes life interesting.

That being said, I was a Charter Member of the International Plein Air Painters back in 2001.  IPAP is a tremendously positive and supportive group dedicated to the personal artistic advancement of its members and plein air painting in general. Annually there is a "Great W O R L D W I D E Artist Paint Out" sponsored through IPAP and 2017 will be the 15th event on September 8 - 9 - 10. September after-all is one of the best plein air months. 

I have participated in every one of those fourteen Great Worldwide Artist Paint Out's. For the last few years I have enjoyed the companionship of the Kingston School of Art which has also been participating in the IPAP Paint Out. 

The Kingston School of Art does a terrific job in organizing the artistic herd of cats and having corporate sponsors supply coffee, donuts and even some prizes. Frankly it is all about the fun of painting with like-minded artists and enjoying the autumn weather. Art like life, is not a competition - just my opinion of course.

The 14th WORLDWIDE Paint Out was held Sept 9-11, 2016 at the historic Portsmouth Harbour and Village in Kingston, Ontario where I was actually born.... Portsmouth Harbour was also the site of my first days as a meteorologist-in-training with Environment Canada, then the Atmospheric Environment Service.  The occasion was the Sailing Competitions for the 1976 Summer Olympics. I was the comic relief and "go-for" in support of the two experienced meteorologists who actually provided the weather services. 

Forty years later I spent three days painting en plein air at Portsmouth Harbour. "The Professor's Wooden Boat" was my first painting from the 2016 Paint Out. My journey had returned full circle to the days when I was a kid with a pencil and a pad of paper. 

#1807 "The Professor's Wooden Boat" details.

I will post my plein air paintings from the 14th WORLDWIDE Paint Out in this little series - not 50 paintings like my Canoe Lake Series

Warmest regards from Phil the Forecaster … keep your paddle in the water… and your oils and brushes clean...

PS: The ongoing paintings in this series can be found at IPAP Worldwide Paint Out

PSS: Phil’s Ongoing “Magazines” including my growing self-published book on Tom Thomson, my own art, Canadiana and even some humour...

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