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ALL NAKED or LOTS of COLOUR HERE is the CONTRAST make-up 2017

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The interplay of light and COLOURS of make-up and 2017 for MAGIC spring-summer

MAKE-UP  is rich and is full of absolute novelty, make-up woman becomes eccentric and with bright colors these are the innovations that we saw at the Cosmoprof in Italy one of the most important exhibition in Italy who call the shots in terms of make-up and trends so not only the runways and backstage there suggest ideas but also international trade fairs dedicated to beauty. Ever as before the woman wants to color and naturalness, a make up bright with which be in harmony with herself.

Here are the most fashionable make-up trends spring summer 2017:

Turning EYES colors are bright, vibrant and eye makeup with degradè colours and shades that the painting as an artist that we must accomplish on our eyes to make him look mysterious and curious how to do it:--choose from your favourite colours eyeshadow palette testing before the timing of colors on hand or on the arm , once you have chosen your colours begin to apply the tint color more lively on the eyelid with a brush more often. Proceed with the colors of darker shade as you stray to the outside of the eye, leaving the darker shade at the corners. I chose the iridescent Fuchsia and blue shades. I'll have a look intense and magnetic

BASIC TREND FACE MAKEUP key makeup for face skin is innovative, women no longer want to appear with the perfect doll porcelain face but are the glitches ranging valued and that they become strong point for our beauty, blush and Foundation no longer has a covering effect but the face goes rigged naturally leaving even the freckles as do :-choose a color bronzing suited our complexion and hammering with the brush the area cheekbones and nose to give shadow as an alternative and very trendy use a lipstick by earth tones and Pattering on the cheekbones and nose for a perfect natural style.

Lips LIPS TREND undergo a real change in this year with a trend arrived already in the winter and continues to depopulate amongst teenagers and women of all ages the table colours is wide and new colors make their debut, the great blue, green and grey that first were used only for the eyes now are the protagonists of our lips. Are very hard to find or expensive lipsticks for a perfect make-up trends here's how:-spread a thin layer of Chapstick or Lipstick of a pinkish hue on the lips to soften and then use your eye shadow in colors of green, or blue I chose the metallic gray and with the brush roll out accurately on the lip and on the contour filling all the gaps. The final effect will look amazing

The other cool trend are sparkling lips as Stardust. I adore very mouth with glitter and achieve this effect by Grand Gala is really simple:-apply a red lipstick on my lips (in my case) and use the brush to add glitter on your lips that you have at home or that you bought in stationery. Be careful not to exceed the amount and roll out the glitter in the right measure. Your mouth embellished will envy and will not pass by unnoticed.

A return to the natural NAIL TREND for lel nails after years of what's new in colors and reconstruction techniques. The bare effect wins this season who wants a simple and elegant hand. Will just one clear Polish to give gloss or a nude color to give beauty to your hand. -choose between your regular Nail Polish shades in natural and after you filed your nails and looked after the appearance of the nail roll out just as it was once the veil of enamel applied accurately on your nails. The game of ltendenze spring/summer is done now it's up to you to take over the game and start with fun.

 Happy make-up to all women.

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