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Write One Character Off My Favorite TV Show, Which Character Would I Choose?

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If I Could Write One Character Off My Favorite TV Show, Which Character Would I Choose?

The Haves and The Have Nots" is one of my favorite TV shows. It is a television show that begins airing on the "Owns" network on May 28, 2013, at 9/8c. The Haves and The Have Nots" is written and produced by Mr. Tyler Perry. The show is about three families, two rich and one poor. These families follow a storyline like the style seen in "Dynasty" and "Knots Landing" episodes of the past, filled with gripping drama. The story line is convoluted filled with deceit, sex, betrayal, secrets and lots of news shooting to the surface.

"The Haves and The Have Nots" is the first television night time soap to be written and released on the Oprah Winfrey Network. It is a drama series following three affluent families and their lifestyles as they intersect with one another in Savanna Georgia. The Haves and the Have Nots is "OWN's most popular series airing and one of the biggest drama series watched among all of the cable television.

The show's group of actors is multiracial that consists of three families. Two families that are of the upper-class, one are Caucasian American, and the other is African American; one family that is poor and African American. The show is currently debuting to 2.99 million viewers, only a little under the previous season premiere viewership of 3.11 million. The positively reviewed, a tale of two wealthy and one poor Georgian family is into the fifth season.

The first wealthy family consists of the character of Jim Cryer; he is the Cryer, family patriarch. John Schneider plays Jim Cryer. Jim is married to Katheryn Cryer. Renee Lawless plays Katheryn, and they have two children, Wyatt Cryer and Amanda Cryer. Aaron O'Connell plays Wyatt, and Jaclyn Bethman plays Amanda.

Jim Cryer is a criminal court judge who is a destructively thoughtless patriarch who has had a series of affairs, but he has his eyes set on becoming Governor of Savanna Georgia. Katheryn Cryer was born into one of the wealthiest families and is a warm, sensitive, caring, but highly passive-aggressive wife of Jim Cryer. She has a tendency of holding her feelings, but when she let it out, she has been known to express herself in ways that are unhealthy. Katheryn is all too aware that Jim is married to her for money, but stay married to him to make his life more miserable.

The second richest family is the Harrington families who are dubbed in wealth, status and power head by family head man David Harrington play by Peter Parros. David is married to Veronica Harrington play by Angela Robinson. They have one son, Jeffrey Harrington and Gavin Houston plays him. David is a judge who is Jim Cryer's business partner, and he’s always cleaning up Jim's messes because their career path is currently aligned. Because of trying to clean up Jim's messes so often, David has gotten himself into serious dilemmas and difficulties of his own.

Veronica was raised from South Side, Chicago, the "tough hood" side; she lives a rags-to-riches life through arduous work and determination. She is an attorney who has created an indomitable and highly proficient reputation. Veronica has a reputation as being intimidating, manipulative, vicious, malicious and overbearing. She’s one-of-a-kind brand of villain and lives up to the name advertised by OWN, "The Ice Queen."

The third family is headed by a single mother name Hanna Young played by Crystal Fox. She is the Cryer’s maid, and she has two children, Benny Young played by Tyler Lepley and Candace Young played by Tike Sumpter. Hanna has a wild sexual past that left her a single mother raising two children alone. However, she found peace and comfort when she changed her life giving it to God and knew that God has long forgiven her for her wild sexual past. She’s now a soulful, religious, nurturing, mother and grandmother who is trustworthy and reliable who has won the respect of her boss Katheryn Cryer.

To share a little on the beginning chapters, Jim is a philandering and two-timer who cheated with a young prostitute, Candace Young, and pays little or no attention to his wife Katheryn, who battled cancer. Because of Jim long, and elaborate history of cheating He and Katheryn isn't close anymore. However, whenever they out in public, they present themselves as having a vigorous and loving marriage. Candace Young pretends to be best friends with Jim's Daughter, Amanda, who is a struggling law student. She blackmails the Judge for $100,000 and a new sports car.

"The Haves and The Have Nots" is now in season 5, so much has happened. The new chapter of The Have and The Have Nots portrays Jim and Katherine Cryer, David and Veronica Harrington getting arrested after being turned into the D-A of their wrongdoing by their son, Jeffery Harrington, and Wyatt Cryer. They all face charges, Candace Young haunted by the death of killing Quincy Sr. in which she committed with longtime friend Jeffery Harrington, and leaving Hannah Young raising, Quincy Jr, Candace’s son, with Quincy Sr as Hanna remains the moral pillar for all those around her.

This show is a web of sex, lies, and secrets all going on under one roof and I love watching every moment of it. Every minute, that is, except for the scenes dedicated to the character of Wyatt Cryer. Every minute, that is, except for the scenes devoted to the role of Wyatt Cryer. This character is in recovery for alcohol and drug addiction. However, he almost took his own life by an overdose of drugs and heavy partying. His story line does not grip me the same way that the one of the others does. So, if I was in charge and could write off one character, it would be his role.

In my opinion, Wyatt Cryer character is a nuisance, with a lot of drama that does not blend in well with the other storyline. If you watch the show, Of course, my opinion may be different from another. So, if you look at the show share what you think of Aaron O’Connell in the role of Wyatt Cryer. Also, if you could be in charge to write off one character of your choice who would you remove? Please share with me your opinion below.

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