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Mae Holland is a young IT who gets hired by The Circle company, co-founded and run by Eamon Bailey and Tom Stenton. After an hesitant start, Mae gets to understand  more and more about the company and is completely absorbed by it, why wouldn't she? The place is like "Land of Toys" in Pinocchio: parties every nigths, conferences, group activities and anything anyone could possibly want and need. 

After a death threating experience, Mae is convinced by Bailey and Stenton to give up her privacy entirely and become a part of a new experiment, that will lead the worldwide opinion on how much we need "transparency", even if that means to be exposed 24/7.

That's when Mae starts to understand what the Circle really is for...

                                                        My Opinion

This movie explore the possibilities (not even so futuristic) of having your private life fully accessible to all, everywhere in the world. I have to admit the theory isn't bad: in fact, as the movie shows, the positive sides are huge: helping humanitarian associations or catching thieves or assassins...but that would also mean normal people could end up being watched (and therefore judge) for every decision they might make - see nowadays problem with Internet trolls and haters, who lead several people making the ultimate decision of taking their lives...

The movie makes you think about privacy and technologies, the only thing I personally didn't like was the finale: it's inconclusive!

My vote: 3/5

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