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Ramos vs Piqué-Real Madrid vs Barcelona-Central Spain vs Catalonia.

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With regards to latest clásico, football/soccer match between Real Madrid and Fútbol Club Barcelona in which Lionel Messi rendered another unforgettable performance, I want to talk nonetheless about the relationship between Gerard Piqué and Sergio Ramos.

Lionel Messi, after having scored a last-minute goal at Santiago Bernabéu


First off, I must clarify the action that made Sergio Ramos to be sent off it is not so decisive. People forget the truth. In the minute 5, French defender of Cameroonian origins, Umtiti, made a clear penalty over Ronaldo.

If Real Madrid had scored, Barcelona would have been with a difficult result from very early on. 

Perhaps after such error, Luis Enrique replaces Umtiti with Mascherano and Fútbol Club Barcelona ends winning the match 1-7, but in reality, the story of the match would have been more complicated that what did finally happen.

It is a very clear penalty. Umtiti comes late and it is a penalty, perhaps his intention it is not to make anything wrong, but he did. 


Let´s talk about Sergio Ramos, (Sergio Ramos was sent off because of an aggressive action, and subsequently he addressed himself to Gerard Piqué in bad terms) we have seen such action one million times, sometimes a referee forgets it, others think it deserves a yellow card, sometimes only a minor fault is given.

Gerard Piqué Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos must accept the decision of the referee and be quiet because nobody goes for a ball in the way he did. 

His subsequent gestures to Gerard Piqué are wrong, inelegant and, what is more, his gestures make the ambience to be more hostile, something that must be avoided.

However, we are to focus on Gerard Piqué because what he has been saying recently is very dangerous. (He also believes Sergio Ramos will always regret his gestures but on this particular occasion maybe he is right)


I wished Gerard Piqué read this (I sent him on Twitter the original version of this post in Spanish) (Read this in Spanish Piqué vs Ramos)

Piqué has insulted all the people who live in Spain, all the Champions League teams and also the fans who watch matches on television or pay to see them live. He has damaged football.

Gerard Pique has said UEFA, in charge to organize the most important soccer competition involving clubs, Champions League, where the best football players from all over the world compete, it is only interested in Real Madrid winning it every year. It does not make sense and he should be sanctioned in my opinion. 

Verily, I saw the Champions League finals between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid recently, and I do not remember (as Piqué has pointed out) big mistakes from the referees (what I saw it was plenty of luck for Real Madrid).

What is more, the penalty that Bayern Munchen received in the first leg of their 2017 draw against Real Madrid was not, and as I have said on this post, it was penalty what Umtiti did to Ronaldo. 

Yet, Gerad Piqué believes UEFA helps Real Madrid. Champions League football teams should be angry. 


Likewise, when Piqué says that a Spanish female judge who has made Messi and his father to go to trial because of tax fraud, thus stolen money from all citizens, saying that this judge only did it to help Real Madrid because she was seen at Bernabéu Stadium enjoying a Real Madrid game live, he is insulting the Spanish judicial system, the same that has made some Royal family members to go to trial or it is going to oblige the current Spanish president to go to court to testify.

It is an insult because not only this judicial system is working on getting rid tax fraud that makes a country be impoverished (the person who evades takes advantage of roads in good condition, free education and free hospitals for instance) and proving democracy works properly.

Being famous (Piqué is married to Colombian pop star Shakira) he makes football fans even crazier about football thanks to his notoriety, allowing the sport to become dirtier and creating cheap controversy over superficial issues. 

What do you think? Please do share and comment. (Read this in Spanish Piqué vs Ramos )

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