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Paper! Many remember the moment from their childhood of been given watercolors and a piece of paper, and then all that excitement just literally flooded down when you touched the paper with your brush. Mine was in  the first grade. It was a dress up day, and I was an Artist, with a beret and my palette, and a brush.

The paper was attached to the black board with a magnet. My disappointment and astonishment was huge when I saw  the opaque color turn the COPY PAPER into waves and let the color run down like Niagara Falls.

So, when you want to paint with watercolors, get  thick enough paper. This means you need to check out how many grams per square meter(g/m2) the paper contains. Anything under 200g/m2 is usually  waste of time because, the paper  curls, doesn't hold the moisture and you can't control what you paint.

Other factor needed in a decent paper is that it is acid free= not going yellow in sun. Then you can choose if it has cotton, or what not, if it is cold pressed, if it has grainy surface or smooth- those are questions of taste and if you enjoy painting dry or wet style.

You pay more for good quality paper. That is why sometimes you can get a ready made acrylic primed canvas cheaper than a watercolor paper. Even for kids, if they really want to enjoy painting, and actually learn something-don't give them a sheet of copy paper, for ** sake, try something ok priced, at least, 150gr/m2 block papers art material stores sell.

Here, a water color on 250gr/m2 paper, style wise a try. 'Space City'

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