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First Weekly Reading Results (4/10-4/16)

in Literature

I have hereby decided to post a weekly log of my reading. It was inspired by a thread for Dewey's Readathon. Yeah, I know. I'm so original. You don't have to tell me what I already know. Lol.

I have also started a Patreon page. I'm really nervous about it. I'll post the link here and it'll be followed by the results:


Hours Read: 4.1

Hours Listened: 0

Pages Read: 124

Books Finished: 1


Hours Read: 2.48

Hours Listened: 4.15

Pages Read: 41

Books Finished: 0


Hours Read: 3.63

Hours Listened: 0

Pages Read: 88

Books Finished: 1


Hours Read: 0

Hours Listened: 0

Pages Read: 0

Books Finished: 0


Hours Read: 2.47

Hours Listened: 2.05

Pages Read: 55

Books Finished: 1


Hours Read: 3.72

Hours Listened: 5.75

Pages Read: 43

Books Finished: 0


Hours Read: 3.75

Hours Listened: 3.98

Pages Read: 43

Books Finished: 0


Overall Hours Read: 20.23

Overall Hours Listened: 15.93

Overall Pages: 394

Overall Books: 3

That's it. I hope you enjoyed this! Next week I'll include the books I read during the week. I didn't think to do it this week. I'll be posting results every Monday morning after the readathon is over. I'll also try to make at least one blog post a day during the week. I won't be making blog posts on weekends due to the readathons.

If you like these blogs and would love to see them continue and grow, please consider sharing them and supporting my Patreon. Thanks for reading!   

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