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Steve's Nature Quiz #3

in Science

Is a Grove Snail most closely related to:

a) a prawn?

b) an earthworm?

c) an octopus?

All animals are divided into groups based upon their body plans. Each group is called a phylum and there are about 35 of them. Prawns are included in the phylum arthropoda (animals with jointed legs), earthworms are in the phylum annelida (animals with bodies composed of multiple circular rings) whereas slugs, snails and octopus are in the phylum mollusca (animals with a cloak like body called a mantle and a minutely toothed, tongue-like feeding organ called a radula). So the answer is c) the Grove Snail most closely related to the octopus.

For more insights into the fascinating world of nature join the followers of the #CreteNature blog. This week's post, Once More Onto The Beach, Dear Friends features birds, butterflies, flowers, spiders and beetles and the grove snail of course.

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