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Sorry, no amazing financial aid tips in this post- I'm going to write about physical supports, first about canvasses.

As the rule goes: paint oil-based on NOT oil-based. Mostly, I guess,  people use ready made canvases, or apply an acrylic priming on it themselves(don't forget the acrylic  glue before the priming!). It's simple, fast, and fixed. It doesn't 'live' after it's dry. When I still used to paint with oils, I did my canvases  the traditional way I had learned in art school. The glue is to be heated- hare or pig based- and it stinks like crazy. You then mix the glue, pigment, usually titanium white, chalk and cold pressed linseed oil, and try to not cook your primer, but keep it the exactly right temperature and spread it evenly on your canvas. A square next to another. Then you let it dry, sand it very gently, and apply the next layer adding a tiny bit more water to the mixture. Oh, and before sanding it you hold your breath to see if you have attached the canvass cloth too tightly, so that the whole canvass would twist into a propeller shaped thing.

Let it dry, and sand it. Usually three layers does it and you get a canvas with a beautiful depth, and what I appreciated the most, the tightness. One can test it by drumming the canvas, and it should make this nice high-ish 'boing' sound. It was because of that sound, I did my canvasses, I couldn't stand the acrylic plastic drooping. The acrylic had also often a too slippery a surface.

Snobbery, you might think. But if you take pride in what you do, and you want a well 'standing' support, it's worth to make the effort- not for all works, but the important ones.

But it's animal glue! Yeah, it's not vegan.  The pig/hare glue is from the bones, so at least the leftovers of the animal are used and the glue is biodegradable. I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a vegan product as well.

Many glues are basically plastic these days, very toxic. The plastic is impossible to separate from the canvass, hence unrecyclable.  Plastic or animal free?

Choices, choices. Next week about paper. Here is a watercolor 12 x 12cm, called  'The Hatman  & the Cat'.

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