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I believe there are many positive solutions to all of life's challenges. The question is how do we change our lives?

As a retired social worker with forty years of professional experience, I’ve learned a few ways to help others engage in positive life changes. I realize personal and social change is difficult. Too many of us avoid our problems or refuse to ask for help to resolve them.

It’s as if there is a battle going on inside of us between our positive side and negative side. For example, the positive voice within can calmly affirm, “You can make healthier choices; follow your bliss.” Then for some inexplicable and mysterious reason, negative self-talk takes over with, “You’re going to fail again; life sucks; you don’t need anybody’s help.”

Can you relate to this struggle? Frankly, I don't have all the answers. However, let me share with you some of the things I do when I’m feeling stuck or out of balance. I also understand that what works for me may not work for you. I do believe that in your mind and heart, there is a strong intuitive awareness of the power of making more positive choices. Whatever is going on, don’t give up. Feel free to reach out for help. You can even talk to me about it.

In some of my prior articles, I have mentioned the process of Stop and Think. Try it and see if it helps you:

1. Take several deep breaths. Let the air out slowly.

2. Say a positive thought over and over like, “I deserve to have a better life today.”

3. Hold to a positive image. Take a mental time out; picture going to the beach, an open field, a forest, an ocean, lake or stream. There are many places you can go to find a positive image.

4. After you feel yourself calmed, reach out and communicate with a positive person.

(You could also check out my emotional healing formula: face stressful feelings (vent); use positive thoughts to manage them; take positive action steps to solve the problem; hold to a positive belief system.)

Of course, I can’t say enough about the power of prayer and meditation, but will these skills work for you? It takes time and commitment to effectively meditate; practice is necessary, however prayer is simple... your thoughts are prayers. That's why it's so important to watch what you are thinking. It's vital that you hold onto positive thoughts and feelings.

Along these lines, I recently completed some reiki tummo training. Here's a little exercise for you to try out this type of spiritual treatment:

Sit in a chair; close your eyes; relax. Place your hand over your heart-center. Take in a few deep and cleansing breaths. Now, think of a happy memory, a pleasant experience that made you feel good about yourself. Focus on this memory. Enjoy the sweetness of it. Relax deeper; smile; surrender to the positive energy your special memory triggers. Slowly come back to your surroundings. How do you feel now?

Wherever you are, whatever you do, try to shine a light on the inner darkness. For me, I love to take a walk in our backyard garden and merge with nature.

In our backyard, there is a strip of green grass. At the end of the grass, we placed a stretch of small, multicolored, river bed rocks. We also planted weeping willow cherry trees on both sides of our yard, close to a cedar fence. We followed the trees with four planter boxes, side by side at the end of the grassy strip.

I love to look at the pink, orange, yellow, and red azaleas in the center of the planter boxes surrounded by St. John’s Wort, white candy-tufts, and purple petunias. Behind the planter boxes and our fence, I always enjoy the view of a small, orange hill covered with medium sized pine and madrone trees and other green vegetation.

I choose to lay my troubles down in this garden of dazzling color and serenity. I invite you to find your own garden. Spend some quiet time there; let go of the negative self-talk for a while. And repeat with me, “There are positive solutions to all problems.”

Peace, Light, Aloha.

(If you need some help with having a better life, please visit our spiritual blog at the link below)

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