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There used to be a time when I was more interested in art theories. What was always difficult was to write an artist statement for galleries or for grant applications(which in Finland are  the way  artist survive, since sales are low in a country of 5 million people and global networks still a novelty).

I once put a poem as an artist statement for my show. Once I tried to explain my desire to research the three-dimensionality by doing two-dimensional paintings... At some point I started to dislike writing about my work so much, and reading other artists', often, pretentious statements, that I stopped applying for anything, and went to do seasonal work, juggling a cheap a studio in Berlin, traveling, and painting 6 months a year.

I know some works need the statement and theory. Some don't, and it can be a revelation for the artist to write about their work. Or not to. Thank the Internet, we also have a solution: The Artist Statement generator:

Here is the Thursday's Pic 37, a watercolor: House of the Rising Water, 12 x 12cm

And here my artist statement I got:

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