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My graphic novel happens in a defined space: nature, village, forest. The panels create the space. Many artists have broken the frontiers and mixed the 'story space' with the 'page space'.

In writing, we talk about the space between the lines. In visual arts, it is so evident an element, we don't need to mention it. The concept of space has changed through history of art. It used to be the medium on which you painted etc, and created a realistic illusion of a place where something was or happened. Then came the cubists, futurists, then the abstract art. What often happened was that abstract and representative didn't mix. It was either or. Or maybe our brains just try to create a place where something is situated evn it looks abstract?

My art teacher still in the 1990's exclaimed  to us that you can't just paint something in nowhere! It has to be SITUATED  somewhere. And we didn't agree - it was the time the internet became common- what else was internet that something situated in nothing?! Objects aloof in space that looked like nothingness, no problem. Even the 'something'  in the space was 'nothing' science has told us. Space in space in space.

Here a watercolor, 21 x 30cm.

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