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How to make traditional Thai Pancakes ..Khao Gle-at

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I am loving living here and learning and being able to watch old traditions still being practised and passed on to the younger generations.

I have seen these pancakes being sold on the roadside but have never really taken much notice and never stopped to buy any. To me, they looked just like Indian popadums. My daughter in law told me they were sweet and maybe too sweet for my taste and we never stopped long enough to buy any.

I now know how they are made and it is totally fascinating and if you ever come to Thailand and visit the North make sure that you visit the places where ancient traditions are still practised and passed down through the generations. I hope you will be as fascinated at this as I am.

Can you see the children jumping up and down? Doesn't it look like fun just like a see-saw. I just love how the whole family get involved in the making of the pancakes.

The whole story can be found on my blog  I hope you enjoy. If you do then please feel free to share wherever you like and to follow me on

Thank you for reading this.

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