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6 things you can find both in Zürich & Paris

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1) Bridge of Padlocks.                                                                       Symbolazing everlasting love, I'm sure these padlocks appeared on lots of brigdes in the world: for example, there's Ponte Milvio in Rome and at the gates of Juliet's balcony in Verona, so it was no surprise for me to find them in Zürich as well. 

   left: Zürich (my photo) - right: Paris (photo credit 

2) Huge Cathedrals - Grossmünster & Notre Dame.                           One of Paris' main turistic attraction is undoubtedly the Notre Dame Cathedral, famous for its rose window and gargoyles statues on the top. Zürich's Grossmünster is the town's landmark and, likewise Notre Dame, is one of the city most touristic places.

    left: Zürich (my photo) - right: Paris (photo credit

3) People eating/chilling on river' sides or on lake' shore. Switzerland is well known for its lakes and Zürich is no exception. During spring time there's nothing better than eat your luch on the river of the Seine or on Zürich's lake' shore...Belive me, I've tried!

left: Zürich (photo credit - right: Paris (photo credit

4) Chocolates!                                                                                 Probably Swiss chocolate is more famous than French one, but still is no segret the two cities have the best pastry shop windows.

left: Zürich (photo credit - right: Paris (photo credit

5) Orient vibes.                                                                                   Maybe you didn't know that you can visit both China and Japan while strolling around respectively Zürich and Paris. The Chinagarten and the Albert Kahn Musee et Jardins are places you have to visit if you want to enjoy the charm of East. 

left: Zürich (photo credit - right: Paris (photo credit

6) Banhofstrasse (1.4 km) / Champs-Élysées (1.9 km).                     These are the cities most famous streets for shopping. They're almost the same length and have both luruxy and low cost brands shops.

left: Zürich (photo credit - right: Paris (photo credit

Did you know these similarities? Have I missed something? If you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments! ;)                                                                   [my original post]

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