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How to make your own Coconut Oil.

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I love Coconuts and any by-products from Coconuts and that includes a Bounty..yummy.

I use Coconut in my own home for many different things and cook with the oil although if the recipe dictates then I do sometimes use Olive Oil.

Living here in the north of Thailand many traditions and cultures are still practised or handed down through the generations and many families still make their own Coconut oil which as Coconuts are grown and are very abundant here it seems a natural thing to do and also it is the cost as because Coconut oil is widely used around the world it increases the cost. 

The recipe to make your own Coconut Oil can be found on my blog 

I hope you enjoy this post please feel free to share this if you wish :)

Thank you for reading this post.


The images belong to my friend Sonya Russell who very kindly allowed me to use them on this post. Thank you Sonya.

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