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Yesterday, I had a day, when I had slept well, and was motivated to work, but I was trudding along like a ship in the desert. After 5 hours of sighing and moaning, and having completed very little, because the lines just did not go where I wanted to,' the flow' finally started.

It is a strange phenomenon, 'the flow'. It is the moment when your talent,  goal, and creativity meet without obstacles. It feels as if YOU are not doing whatever you are doing- in a positive sense, not that sensation that you're taken over by the evil overlord telling you to do baaad things. It's the unbearable lightness of doing. Everyone doing creative work knows this. And if you know it, you want to be back in it. The annoying thing is, that you cannot really control it. One can take care of oneself, calm the surroundings -usually helps to concentrate- but paradoxically, then one has to let go of control. Yeah, something like the  martial art teachers in old kung fu films  babble about.

'The flow', if understood well, should make the doer realize, that it doesn't come from her/him. You need to do your part, and you can do a lot, but then 'the flow/ideas' pop into you from somewhere. It is a magnificent way of keeping you ego in check and not become an arrogant prick .  And maybe even makes you grateful, for being able to do this thing, here, now.

And now for the news: I'm finally on Instagram! you can find me:    - I'll add this on my profile

Also there's still a giveaway  on Goodreads! You can enter for a chance to win 2paperbacks of 'Elves & the Agro Adventure':

Here another 12 x 12cm watercolor: At home


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