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Clergy Join Scientists to Promote Science

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The Clergy Letter Project, an organization of more than 14,400 clergy members from all corners of the United States, has joined with some of the country’s leading scientific groups to endorse the upcoming March for Science.

What, you may wonder, are thousands of religious leaders doing consorting with the likes of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Geological Society of America, the Entomological Society of America, and the California Academy of Sciences – not to mention the scores of additional scientific organizations who are also supporting the March?

The answer is simple: these clergy members understand that science provides the best way for us to understand the natural world in which we live. And these clergy members understand that the heart of science is under attack.

There are some among us who are attempting to turn science into just another special interest group – a group that can be criticized when their findings are at odds with a particular political opinion.

Similarly, there are some among us who believe that the findings of science should carry no more weight than the opinions of any random individual.

And there are some who are comfortable promoting alternative facts when the facts discovered by scientists run counter to their wishes.

The clergy members who comprise The Clergy Letter Project are opposed to all of this. They understand the importance of science. They recognize the value of the scientific method. They appreciate the advances scientific study has brought us in agriculture, medicine, technology, ecology and so much more.

These clergy members are opposed to religion being taught in science classrooms instead of evolution. They are opposed to climate change denial being promoted despite overwhelming evidence that humans are dramatically influencing global climate patterns. And they are opposed to dramatic cuts in spending on science.

More than simply being opposed to what is happening in our country, these clergy members are in favor of our children being educated about the scientific method and trained to be skeptical thinkers. They are in favor of using the best science has to offer to create public policy that makes sense.

These clergy members are individuals who care deeply about the well-being of others, both materially and spiritually, and they recognize that science can play a large role in both. So these clergy members are joining forces with scientists to promote a broader understanding of science.

Look for members of The Clergy Letter Project on 22 April at a March for Science near you – and thank them for what they are doing to create a better world.

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