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"Peek-A-Boo!!!" (3/19-20/2017)

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March 19, 2017 is still relatively new at the time that I'm writing this -- but I'm still writing this a day later than what I had planned to do.

No problem!  After all, I said from the first that I wouldn't be writing something every day -- and, at this time, a combo of fighting a bug while dealing with computer issues (a.k.a. dealing with computer issues while fighting a bug) has slowed me up a bit, to say the least.

I believe that at least half of the inhabitants of The Hoosier State have been dealing with one or more symptoms of one or more winter bugs.

As for Internet bugs, I'm not sure how many are being affected.

All I know is this:

Both of them are wearing me out.

In fact, I've slept since beginning this blog-entry, so it's a few hours later than when I first began writing this,

Thankfully, Niume (or should I write it as niume -- that is, in 100% lower=case?)..........I think I'll go off on a tangent here to say something about a very special friend of mine named Larry.

I generally spell his name like it appears in the phone directory and how he writes it -- which is Larry Van Ness.

However, on Facebook, the spelling used for his name is Larry VanNess.

His regular people page is Larry VanNess, and his Public Figure Page is Larry "The Can Man" Van Ness.

When I write about him using his public figure handle, I generally do it like this:

Larry "The CanMan" Van Ness.

Anyway, all of this kinda reminds me of a family story about Uncle Finley & Aunt Marce and how each of them pronounced a town in California differently -- but I'm going to save that story (plus more about Larry) for my next "Peek-A-Boo!!!"

.............(time flying)............

And here it is the morning of March 20, and spring has now officially arrived here in Indiana.......and I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to venture out today, and every particle of common sense I have is telling me to wait another day, as it's going to be a bit stormy out today with plenty of things needing to be done around here.

Anyway, I promised you that this edition of "Peek-A-Boo!!!" would be telling you at least a few things about me.

You can find out at least a few things about me from simply looking at my profile here (stuff like when I was born, etc.), so I've decided to share two dozen random facts about me without a whole lot of elaboration.

The elaboration will be done from time to time in future editions, so here goes nothing (or something like that)...

1.  Christian-Under-Construction -- as in "Please be patient with me.  God isn't finished with me yet..."

2.  Alpha-&-Omega of Raymond Woodford "Ray" Phillips (11/15/1917 - 2/2/2004) and Lillian Ainsley (nee:Jobe) "Ainsley/Lee/Leah/Lillian" Phillips (4/6/1922 - 4/29/2013).

3.  I actually have three legal versions of my name. having been born Ainsley Jobe Phillips but always called Ainsley Jo Phillips with the second version being on all of my diplomas, my driver's license, bank account, etc.  As I don't want to give up either version, I'll sometimes sign Ainsley J. Phillips to legal documents.  Rest assured that -- no matter how I sign my name -- I only use one Social Security Number, and it's all mine and not swiped from some dearly-departed soul.

4. Continuing with the above train-of-thought...What do I want on my tombstone (besides things like pepperoni, sausage, onion, green pepper, etc.)?  I want my name written as Ainsley Jo(be) Phillips -- and, possibly, a hyphen after that followed by another last name.

5.  Over Labor Day Weekend of 1985, I not only participated in a Three-Day-Novel-Writing Contest with its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, but I became the first person known to write part of a novel from Mammoth Cave's Snowball Room.  For anybody who doesn't know, Mammoth Cave isn't located in British Columbia but, instead, in the state of Kentucky here in the USA.  I have many tales to tell about this amazing hole-in-the-ground, so be expecting it to come up from-time-to-time in future writings.

6.  If being part of the homeless population means not having the means to have a place where I could lock the door and lock everybody else out and have a bathroom in that space. I was homeless from September 9, 2013 until October 1, 2014 with occasional breaks being those few times when I rented a motel room for a few days here and there (or, as happened a few times, getting treated to one by others).  I actually received my first key to my apartment in Muncie on September 22 but was not only not ready to move from Anderson until October 1 but, also, managed to lose the key (thinking for a long time that I must have flushed it down the toilet.  I was homeless for a few hours (from late November 16 until the afternoon of November 17 of last year) when I had turned in the key to my Muncie apartment but hadn't yet signed the lease on my Anderson apartment.

7.  When I was born (December 12, 1952), Harry S Truman was still President but Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower had already been elected to take over in a little over a month.

8.  I've never been a cusser, so, when I was a kid, I would use nonsense syllables to vent when I needed to.  Phrases such as "Inga-Chinga-Chinga!!!" (pronounced:  "EEN-gah-CHEEN-gah CHEEEEN-gaaah!!!").

9.  Our farm (where I lived from the time that I was a little over a year old until I put the key in the mailbox for the next owner) was across the highway from a small airport called Ace Airport.  These days, the land is occupied by the campus of Madison Park Church Of God, and the only vestiges of airport life left (at least, the last time that I was there over five years ago) was a small area of land where model plane enthusiasts could gather to fly their planes.  I have so many memories of that airport that I'll be sharing in the future, but I'll share one memory of it as #10...

10.  I had just turned 11 years old the December before the February evening when Ed Sullivan enthusiastically delivered this five-word sentence "Ladies & Gentlemen -- The Beatles!!!" that ended up bringing about something called The British Invasion (unlike the late 18th Century series of events that fell under this heading, this didn't result in war of a military nature).  Anyway, one of the activities that went on at Ace Airport was skydiving, and, sometimes, the skydivers landed on our property while trying to land at the airport -- which inspired this delicious daydream of The Beatles being on a plane where the pilot needed to re-fuel, tried to land at Ace Airport, and ended up landing on our property instead.

11.  I can remember what I was doing both when President Kennedy was assassinated and when the planes hit the WTC Twin Towers.

12.  When I was little, I thought that part of my folks' job at Delco-Remy (a division of General Motors) was being movie stars and making movies like those we'd go to "the drive-in fitter" to watch on summer nights.  This was based on the fact that they were such a good-looking couple who were always going around kissing, holding hands, and gazing into each other's eyes just like the people on the big screen and that I knew that one of my dad's co-workers (whom I'd never seen) was named Marilyn, and I assumed that she must be Marilyn Monroe.  Of course, I wanted to follow in their footsteps and be a movie star, too.  I also wanted to be a waitress at a favorite diner called The Pink Horse.  I would be a waitress part of the time and make movies part of the time.  Of course, I was under the mistaken notion that Hollywood was somewhere in Indianapolis because that's where the stations connected with our TV Channels (all three of them) were located.

13.  I was also under the mistaken notion at around the same time that it cost $1000 to place a long-distance call to Uncle Finley & Aunt Marce out in San Francisco.  Long story about that one...

14.  Larry "The CanMan" Van Ness is a friend I met in no fewer than three stages.  The third stage, of course, was when we ended up staying in touch

15.  I've been an organ donor candidate ever since the spring of 1963 when I read the story of Janis Babson in Reader's Digest. The first time I wrote a check, it was to The American Cancer Society ($5, if I remember correctly) to help find a cure for childhood leukemia. There's so much more to share about getting to know Janis (already passed on) and her family and now my organ donor mindset has blossomed out over the years.

16.  I grew up with a blind aunt (my mom's baby sister) and getting to know this remarkable woman up-close-and-personal shaped my outlook on life in so many ways -- and, also, helped me to get into some serious mischief on at least a couple of occasions.  Rest assured -- I WILL elaborate more in the very near future.

17.  One of my favorite partners-in-crime was an amazing cat I'd named Debbie after a young playmate I met in Biloxi, Mississippi during a family vacation down that way.  One time, Debbie & I even got "kidnapped" when we had ventured far away from home -- and we both lived to tell about it...

18.  God healed one of my broken 78 RPM records when I was four or five years old.

19.  I was there to witness Aunt Kate turning into a "movie star" when I was four or five years old.  It was so exciting.

20.  When I first heard Little Richard sing Good Golly Miss Molly (on the radio), I thought he was a little boy around five years old with curly, blond hair and big blue eyes.  I wanted to buy his record, as his story seemed to be a success story about a little kid getting to become a "movie star."

21.  I used to think that "ain't" was a cuss word, so I scolded anyone who would say it in my presence.

22.  When I was little and playing down by our creek, I put a bunch of leeches on me and let them suck away without any reservations, because I thought that they were kissing me.  Of course, when my mom saw what I was doing, she made me stop immediately.

23.  I had some very weird ways to have fun at times with two of those ways being dislodging the contents of various kinds of zits, blackheads, and other blemishes and (back when they didn't all sound the same) listen to various "Your call cannot be completed as dialed." recordings and sharing the best ones with my friends.

24.  When I was a preschooler, I died and came back to life every Saturday night.  When the opening of Gunsmoke came on, I would stand in front of the TV waiting for Marshal Matt Dillon to fire his gun in the opening scene and would, then, clutch my chest, fall to the floor, and lie very still for a few minutes before coming back to life again.

Anyway, this seems to be as good of a spot as any to stop until next time.

Stay tuned...

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