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Staying in Balance

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There is much that can take us out of balance. I use a spiritual process to embrace serenity on a daily basis.

For me, since I am sixty-eight, stress takes the form of chronic, physical challenges. My wife Susan has a variety of medical problems that cause emotional issues too. Now, if we add these worries to medical expenses, the bizarre political situation in the USA, and a conglomeration of world problems, one can easily appreciate why feeling calm, cool, and collected might be very elusive.

In general, my spiritual approach to finding peace of mind, living in the now, and experiencing more joy, involves a system of merging positive thoughts with positive beliefs to feel the presence of the Divine within our heart-center. Let's begin with some positive thoughts.

I recently attended a workshop called Prosperity Plus by Mary Morrissey. She presented five positive thoughts which can help us have a better day. She went on to suggest we can use the five fingers on our left hand to remember these ideas.

For example: The thumb means to start your day with a thumbs-up attitude. The forefinger reminds us to point our day in a positive direction. The middle finger refers to "flipping-off" fear - don't let it stop you. The fourth finger suggests we move with expectations of success, peace, abundance, and joy. Lastly, the little finger reminds us to be grateful for the small blessings in our life.

Of course, when a person starts to experience physical, emotional, mental, relationship, or financial hardships, it's extremely difficult to live your day with a thumbs-up attitude. That's why I recommend five self-help beliefs, which can reduce emotional pain and suffering. Then we are free to return to holding both thumbs-up.

First, take time to vent and share your stressful emotions with somebody you trust. Or simply write them down on a piece of paper.

Second, use a positive affirmation to take the sting out of feeling angry, sad, fearful, worried, guilty, or ashamed. For example: I am feeling very anxious today, but I won't let worry stop me from having a thumbs-up attitude.

Third, stop thinking; clear your mind of all thoughts and emotions and just be. The Buddhists call this step mindfulness. It's like taking a mental time-out. Try some deep breathing; light a candle; burn incense, chant, or play music. Just be and don't think.

Fourth, let go of all of the stress and release it to the Universe. One might use the tapping process called Emotional Freedom Technique, which is described in great detail online. Or simply grab your left wrist with your right hand. Squeeze a little. Affirm: Even though I am feeling stress today, I totally and completely love and accept myself. I release all my stress to the Universe. Then release your wrist and be still.

Fifth, practice loving yourself unconditionally. Love your body, mind, heart, and soul. Love your neighbors, friends, and family. Finish by sending your love to all that you consider to be Divine.

In conclusion: Let's simplify this whole process. Bring your hands together in prayer. Touch your heart-center. Now, recite a prayer or try mine out:

I am light because I am One with the source of all Light.

I am love because I am One with the source of all Love.

I am healed, at peace, filled with joy by feeling the Infinite Presence of Light and Love flowing through me.

I am Light; I am Love; I am Healed. This is my True Nature. Thank you God. Thank you God!

That's how I stay in balance today. Hope you find this process helpful. Thumbs-up!

(Here is an interview of Gary and Susan Eby. Find out more about us.)

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