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What Did I Think of Trader Joe's 'Complete Salad Mix?'

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Hello Luvs,

When traveling finding easy meals that are quick are a must. I am a BIG fan of Trader Joe's salads. I can eat quite a bit of them because they do not contain onions. 

When we popped into the Medford, OR TJ's I came across a salad that was new to me. Not sure if it was there before and I did not notice (being the creature of habit I am!) or that it was new. Either way, I decided to grab one. Below I have a collage of the salad fresh poured from the bag (kale leaves and radicchio), with the other ingredients, and my verdict. Did the salad make me happy or bummed (even though TJ's will take it back even if completely eaten!)? Continue to find out....!

                                                       Hit the spot!

Trader Joe's 'Complete Salad' with Kale and Hemp seeds naked then dressed....Verdict? They did it again...YUMMERS!

Til next time,


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