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Entreves, Italy: All You Can Eat And Then Some...

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We had just driven over the Great St. Bernard Pass (a drive not for the faint of heart) from Switzerland into the Aosta Valley, arriving at the village of Entreves, Italy, in the shadow of Mt. Blanc. Our destination: Ristorante La Maison de Filippo.

It was a hot summer’s day, but in this Alpine environment, under the shade of trees covering the flower-bedecked terrace of the old stone house that served as both inn and restaurant, the weather was just perfect. The red-checked table cloths adorning the tables invited us in for a meal we would never forget.

There are Italian restaurants, and then there is Ristorante La Maison de Filippo. We were there for the fixed price menu: all you could eat for around fifty euros. With wine included. A parade of traditional Aosta Valley dishes in a casual setting.

The first to arrive was the bread basket, closely followed by the charcuterie board which included, of all things, chamois, a specialty. There were five of us and we dove into the meats with abandon, then quickly pulled back, reminding ourselves this was merely the beginning. And indeed, it was. Next, a fondue, then a trove of antipasti, followed by hot appetizers. Three or four pasta dishes, with some meaty stew not far behind (pace yourself, pace yourself!) then fruit, cheese, and dessert: a mound of ice cream (chestnut puree) topped by whipped cream to resemble Mt. Blanc, itself.

The meal was a memory-maker. Reservations for the full menu a good idea. You’ll easily spend two hours at table.

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