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Color that Changes with Your Mood

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Remember the mood rings that shifted color when you were happy, sad, peaceful? There was something wondrous about watching the oil slick of rainbow colors morph over the surface of the ring. In a scientific advancement that seems like science fiction, a hair dye that alters hues when temperatures fluctuate may soon be coming to a salon near you.

Fire, a color-shifting dye, was revealed to coincide with London fashion week. Created by a U.K. firm called The Unseen, the dye allows hair to shift between different colors if the temperature around you changes. At this point, the company has two color-shifting dyes:  Black (cold) to red (hot) and blonde (hot) to blue (cold). The dyes are semi-permanent and can be removed after a few washes with no lasting damage.

There is some secrecy as to the actual technology and formula as The Unseen hopes to commercialize Fire. "We are currently looking for a commercial client with the scale to license this technology from us bringing it to the shelves as soon as possible," stated Lauren Bower, founder of The Unseen. They hope to market a range of colors and temperature effects making instant, magical and ever-changing transformations possible!

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