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READ MY MIND! It's coming and it's gonna be BIG!

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Okay, so, as promised, it is time to tell you all about this amazing new magazine Read My Mind, that I am involved in.

What's in it? Who's writing it? What's in it for me? Why should I spend my valuable time reading your magazine?

Hopefully, over the next few blogs, I'll be able to give some answers to these questions.

In the meantime, why not, at least, get yourself signed up for the very first issue, the Spring Edition. It's simple, there's only three things to fill out and best of all, it's free.

Hey! If you don't like the first edition, no problem, just unsubscribe, but I know you will love it! 

So, Read My Mind - What's it all about?

Read My Mind is an exciting, new and innovative addition to the magazine market. It brings the collective talents of some of the top international authors and bloggers, with a fresh, new perspective on all aspects of life, travel, food and entertainment. Our team of dedicated bloggers brings stories of some of the world’s unique tourist spots, lifestyle hacks and all things entertainment to an audience that is sick and tired of the doom and gloom of politics, religion, and world angst. We are a beacon of light amongst much of the negative dross that fills the media, social media and news websites of the day. Our readers are sophisticated, international and seek respite from today’s negative environment. Read My Mind is a positive reflection of where most people want to be. Along with great competitions and fantastic articles, our readers get a slick, professionally produced magazine, whether they choose the online version or the print version.

So, Read My Mind - What's in it?

Obviously, the content changes every issue - DOH! There wouldn't be a lot of point otherwise. So, what can we expect in this, the first Spring issue?

For authors and writers, there are articles about publishing, to enlighten and to entertain you. For example, there is a wonderful piece by Bibiana Krall, titled Desperately Seeking Inspiration and one from Rachel McGrath asking the question; Why Do You Want to be an Author? Great stuff and heaps more on publishing, plus of course, our blogging/writing contest.

We have music covered too, with some fantastic stuff by Lily Amis and Angel M. Lily will bring you an interview with well-known musician James Kennedy as well as other articles and interview, plus our amazing songwriting competition. Angel M will take you along with her as she reminisces over her first ever symphony.

Travel, Sport, History, True-Life Stories, Movies; this magazine truly does have it all. Not to mention more competitions than you can shake a stick at.

Look, there really is something for everyone in this magazine and given that it is free - WHY WOULDN'T YOU SUBSCRIBE?

Like I said before if you don't like the first issue, not only will I fall off my chair in disbelief, but you can also just unsubscribe. No drama at all. We can't make it any easier than this.

So, Who is Read My Mind?

Read My Mind is the baby and brainchild, of the incredibly multi-talented Mother/Daughter duo that is nasSima Design.

This is the story of Author Lily Amis, the daughter half of the nasSima Design duo:

My desperate desire for freedom, as a child, war refugee in the eighties, made me become an author. I struggled for almost three decades to be who I am today; a multi-genre author with the goal to entertain and educate readers about important topics in our society.

Why? Because I’m sick and tired of superficial and selfish humans. The world is a great place and humans have everything they need to be happy! And yet many people are sad, lonely, and isolated. Words like devoted, love, loyalty, family, friendship, togetherness, freedom, trust, hope, and selfless support, are my favourite words of all. If there is a will there is a way!

Putting this Online Magazine together, with all these amazingly talented, devoted, and lovely authors and artists from all over the world is my way of bringing awareness to the beauty of life, friendship, and our wonderful planet Earth. With my education in publishing, PR, and marketing, I feel I’m finally on the right road and thrilled to have you join me and my team.

After all the struggles I went through to find freedom I now know the key to personal fulfillment is: Believe in yourself no matter what!

So, Who are the Contributors to Read My Mind?

Well, this magazine boasts a contributor's list that is international in nature, demographically well spread and made up of incredibly successful and talented authors and bloggers in their own right. They have come together under Lily's leadership to bring you this fantastic magazine.

I'll go into more detail about the individual contributors in future blogs, but for now, just let me introduce the cast and crew of READ MY MIND!

You've already met Lily Amis and her wonderful Mum, Sima, so, in addition to the editorial team we have:

From the good, 'ole US of A, we introduce you to three wonderful authors. Bibiana Krall, Angel M and Trevor Pacelli.

From the Land of the Long White Cloud (Aotearoa - New Zealand) via Manila, The Philippines, acerbic and sometimes satirical, but always naughty, Grant Leishman.

Two incredible authors from the Mother country - Britain (or Great Britain as it was formerly known), Elaine Chissick and Annelisa Christensen.

                                                                   Annelisa Christensen 

Finally, from the sun-kissed beaches of Queensland, Australia, via Hertfordshire in England, where she now lives with her husband and young son, we bring you, Rachel McGrath.

This incredibly diverse team of successful authors will continue to bring you innovative and exciting new content every single issue of Read My Mind.

Why would you not subscribe?

Till next time, have a wonderful, peace-filled day!





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