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6 Things people do in Zürich, Switzerland

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I've been in rich last week, visiting friends and having a little getaway. It wasn't a proper holiday because I had to study for my exams so, while my friends were at work, I crushed not in just one but two local libraries...after beeing is such close contact with locals, I noticed quite a few differences between Swiss and Italians...and here they are! 

1) Have lunch on banks of both sides of the river (& on the lake' shore).                                                                                                     When the weather allows it, of course, people on their lunch break fill the shore and banks. I did it myself quite a few times and it's really relaxing!

   these are the typical fauna you can see while having lunch by the lake!

2) Jogging on every hour of the day...and night as well!                        I was shocked by how many people jogged, not only before/after work but literelly EVERY hour! You just need to turn your head left and right and I can assure you'll see someone running...

3) Riding bicycles or scooters.                                                                  Of course there're a lot of cars as well (luxury ones), but I've seen a lot of people riding bicycles or scooters and, beside being the fastest way to move around the city, is also ecological and helps to stay fit.

4) Nearly everyone speaks English.                                                       Zürich is in the German region of Switzerland, but don't worry! Even if you (like me) don't speak German you'll be able to make yourself understood because nearly everyone (expecially in hotels and restaurants) is speaking English perfectly...which it is a nice benefit!

5) They're polite, but detached.                                                                I noticed that waiters, receptionists and even emplyees at the markets are kind and ready to help you anytime, but they're also practical so when they finished help you they move on to their next task. In Italy it's not unusual for a waiter to share a few words with the client, on the contraire in Zürich they get things done and go on doing something else.

6) Zurich people are honests.                                                                     After travelling the whole week on public transportations and being in public libraries, I can guarantee that people in Zürich are extremely conscious about others' private properties and are honest. For example, I've never saw an inspector on trains and trams to make sure everyone had a valid ride ticket...they just assumed that you of course had one if you took that train/tram/bus. When I'm on a train in Italy, I always have to show to a controller my valid ticket. 

I have the rights on this photos, since I've taken all of them!

                     Thanks for reading!

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