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My Minimal hoarding life - Play Catch Up

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I am no different than most women, I am the caretaker of the home, the cook, the doctor, the chauffeur, walk the dogs, feed the cat ..... the everything. So if I miss doing something one day it is still waiting the next day and the day after that till I get it done. Now add that to working full time and that is the life of us women.

There are days I have to just say, no I cant do anymore after working 12 hours outside the home. I have been known to leave the dinner dishes dirty and deal with them the next day, let the laundry pile up and do it the next night.

Since my life seems to be blessed by God of late I got a day off, but it really was not all the way a day to do nothing, it was a day to gather my thoughts and work at my own pace at home and not out in the world. I worked at home but I would have rather did nothing but play on the computer all day, catch up with online friends and writing.

More about :  my day off 

Being the woman I am I needed to get my surroundings cleaner so that I feel better. 

There is a way and I use it often : Don`t just move it 

Sometimes its not things we need to get rid of, we just need to know how to put it in own homes, so not to look cluttered. This is what I do : Pretty organizers 

I had enough and I just sent it away, for more about what happened : I let go

How are you getting things done in your world?

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry

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