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The Beauty And The Beast controversy

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The upcoming remake of the animated movie "Beauty And The Beast" which is scheduled to be in theaters on March 17, 2017 has drawn some very interesting bad publicity due to one of the characters named LeFou who is the close friend of the main villain Gaston is homosexual. By the way Gaston is straight.

I did see the original animated movie when it came out in 1991 and all I can say is that the live action version of the "Beauty And The Beast" has ticked off some right wing religious persons who vow not to see the movie over the gay character since they are saying what anyone does in the privacy of their bedrooms is their personal business but they do not need to see it showed down their throats in a movie.

When I wrote an article for another website about the controversy of this movie on Saturday the reactions I received was that Christians should mind their own business by telling other people how to live their lives which is fine with me since I do subscribe to the slogan "Whatever gets your ship through the Panama Canal is fine with me."

I do remember in the movie "Rocky III" which came out in 1982 during the rematch between boxer Robert "Rocky" Balboa and James "Clubber" Lang when Rocky's trainer Apollo Creed kissed Paulie Pennino for a brief second on the cheek as a form of excitement when Rocky was beating up Clubber in the boxing ring that there no complaints from the audiences about that scene.

There is an old saying "Bad publicity is good publicity". Time will tell if the bad publicity over the gay character played by Josh Gad who was on ESPN Sports Center being interviewed by anchorman Stan Verrett recently will give the movie a box office hit or dud when it comes out in 12 days as of this blog.

The complaint from a lot of us old school Disney fans is that the late Walt Disney would be rolling in his grave over the controversy of the remake of "Beauty And The Beast" having a gay character.

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