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Converting Color Photos to Quality B & W Art

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Photograph by Harold Davis, from his book The Photographer's Black and White Handbook, published by Monacelli Studio

Going from Apps to Layers for More Control

You probably shoot lots of photos with your camera phone and add effects using various apps, including one or more for converting your color photos to black and white(aka monochrome). Many digital cameras also have options for converting color image captures into black and white photos. But aren't those quick conversions one size fits all? Wouldn't you like to have more image control, such as processing your image in layers, so that you can produce the highest quality results for each of your specific images? And wouldn't you like to know how to make color adjustments from the start that will produce the best black and white results? If you'd like to step up your quality and gain more control, master photographer Harold Davis has a new book to guide you. The title of the book is The Photographer's Black & White Handbook. The cover price is $35.00 but the book is currently available for $17.88 for a softcover print copy and only $13.79 for a Kindle version.

Cover of The Photographer's Black and White Handbook, by Harold Davis and published by Monacelli Studio


The book will guide you in post-processing your images using such tools as are available in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Topaz plug ins. Not all these tools are necessary for each of your images. But individual image layers are processed uniquely to your personal artistic vision, and the guidebook will get you started, answer many of your questions, and assist you in countless ways to help increase your understanding for better results. Of course, you still have to put in the time and effort. 

Above photograph by Harold Davis, included in his book The Photographer's Black and White Handbook published by Monacelli Studio

Creative B & W Effects

If you are already proficient using post process programs, and want to explore more possibilities for image effects, the last chapter of this book--CREATIVE B & W EFFECTS--covers such things as tinting and toning, split toning using various tools, selective color and hand painting, selective focus, solarizing, simulated infrared, vintage, antique and film effects, adding borders and so much more.

Hall of Mirrors Prague, (above) photograph by Harold Davis, in his book The Photographer's Black and White Handbook published by Monacelli Studio.

Video and More Information

For a link to a video presentation by photographer Harold Davis, in which he discusses the images in his new book, The Photographer's Black and White Handbook, visit here.

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