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How I Save Money With and Without Coupons

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Yes you read right, I shopped today without coupons and well as with coupons. I did shop at three grocery stores today, none were out of the way, I was also coming home from work, or checking on work in progress.

One of the three Publix stores I shop takes Dollar General coupons as a competitor coupon, The Oxford commons, so I had the $5.00 of $25.00 Dollar General in hand and I made my list even using one rain check.

I knew that strawberries were on sale for $1.00 each but I was not sure there were any left. To my surprise there was so I took $10.00 of the $25 to buy strawberries, I will make jam or sweet berries.

Next I was thinking about Tony and what he would like to eat that is fast and easy, sometimes even he can heat this when I am sleeping. So I got him 4 cans of Hash, corned beef hash and Roast beef hash those were on sale two for $5.00 and I used two $1.00 off two manufacturer coupon. making them 4 for $8.00

And something for me. I love my coffee but we all know how expensive it can be so I always buy it when its on sale buy one get one free, even better if I can get a coupon, I did get a rain check for Community coffee a few weeks back when they were out of my roast choice and I just printed a $4.00 off two manufacturer coupon, so the coffee was $6.99 each and I got one free, I used the $4.00 off two manufacturer coupon and got both for $2.99.

I added that competitor coupon - $5.00 which means $5.00 of free food.

The total before coupons and sales was $58.05

I paid : $15.99 ~~~ love me some coupons!

Next store was Aldi`s

When I shop at Aldi`s I only buy certain products and most of it is fresh produce and Milk.

Today the milk was $1.49

Red grapes $1.98 per two pound bags, I got two = four pounds.

Red delicious apples $2.69 per three pound bag

Lettuce - .89 per head

Two cucumbers .25 each

Sunflower seeds $1.99 for 10.5 ounce bag

Two cans of light peaches .89 each

One bar of sharp cheddar cheese - $1.89

One 16 slices American cheese - $1.69

I paid $16.88

Last grocery store. Food outlet is a small chain here around this area, they usually always have good deals on meat and today was beef deals.

I got 4 packages of Ground beef $1.69 per pound. I would have got more but they were out, I am hoping this was not a one day sale. I will go back for more on Monday.

Three top round steaks Price beginning at $1.50 and one top sirloin $2.66 that was marked down.

Five pound bah of flour and 8 pound bag of potatoes for $2.50

Total - $22.21 They also charge 10% surcharge = $24.43

Now my three store total out of pocket: $57.30

Plus those Coupon savings = $42.06

Not to bad, Plus I added to the stockpile with the strawberries.

That is how I do cheap but still getting the better in life.

By Andria Perry

Photos By Andria Perry

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