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Star Apple-Fruit Weekend by #thelme55

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Yay! It is star apple season again!

I have not eaten star apple or caimito for years. Caimito is a Filipino name of star apple. I have missed this fruit. It reminded me of my childhood years when caimito were abundant in our neighbourhood. We used to throw stones to the star apple tree so some felt down on the ground together with some leaves. It was cheap then. There were star apple trees as well in our church yard and it was nice to see some boys climbing up the tree harvesting star apples. They gave us some of the fruits and we were happy to snack on them while walking home from visiting our church.

Star apple is a tropical fruit and it has many names. Caimito, Cainito, Purple star apple, golden leaf tree and so on. Caimito is as big as an apple and it has a shiny soft green or violet skin. The color of this fruit depends on its variety.  The flesh is milky white in a green variety of star apple but it is a bit violet in color in a purple star apple and has black seeds inside the pulp. 


1. Wash the star apple.

2. Cut the fruit lengthwise. 

3. Scoop the flesh / pulp of the milky  white or purple star apple with a spoon.

4. Spit out the black seeds when eating as they are hard and not edible.

5. Star apple contains latex so be careful not to ruin your clothes when eating.

Star apple or caimito fruit is very good when eaten chilled mixed together with condensed milk. It is awesome and very refreshing when it is made into smoothie.

Have you tried eating star apple? If not, try it. That is, if you have this fruit in your country. Maybe you can eat this fruit when you are in your Asian vacation. Who knows.

Btw, would you like to join  #thelme55fruitweekend challenge? It would be fun to know some of the fruits in your country. Come on! Just tag me #thelme55 and #fruit weekend. Happy weekend!

Copyright  2017, All Rights Reserved by Thelma Alberts 

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