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This week's pic is pretty spontaneous. The watercolor is about month old, one of my cat project paintings. I am still working towards putting up an Etsy shop this year. And what is still to be chosen, is should I get big scanner, or a big printer, or sell only originals.

Finding out about good price/quality printers is a full time job. Somebody had a great pick on the other side of the the pond, USA, but they don't sell that model in Europe, and ordering from China, from some provider, seems too risky. If I invest several hundreds, I want a descent guarantee and a working customer service. I already experimented with a customer service in German. Apparently the person was irritated that I  greeted only with 'Hallo' not more official 'Guten Tag' on their sloooooow sorry. They didn't even have an answer to my requirements.

Good photos or actually good prints from good scans. So simple, so difficult. The decent priced print-on-demand on good quality art paper, for a reasonable price  in Germany or very close, is the other step. Research takes time. And I so wanted to use that time for actual art work! So it goes, you gotta do what you gotta do. That's why the cat. It's a sunny day. I wish I could be like this hedonistic cat, just doing enjoyable things.

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