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A book memoir written by Mick Jagger which you will never read!!!

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All celebrities have a book memoir. All of them? No!!! There is one person, Mick Jagger, considered the last legend alive, who refuses to write one. However, he penned one although he does not remember it!!!!!

Mick Jagger and his lost memoir


Mick Jagger does not want to publish his autobiography. He says it makes him nostalgic and sad, he prefers to focus on the present instead. 

Yet, it turns out he has one ready, something he wrote decades ago, a publisher called John Blake has the story, he is the only one who has read the memoir of Mick Jagger encouraging him to publish it, something that will never happen as Sir Jagger has expressed.

Mick Jagger wrote it at the end of 1970s, the project was delayed and nobody knew of it because the publisher hoped one day Mick Jagger would allow him to publish it, but nobody will ever read it!!! (the publisher aside)

(Discover the surprising details following the link)

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