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Getting Off The Grid - Tried and Loved

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There is one thing to always remember when you are thinking about getting off the grid and that is you have to try something from the wild that you are not sure you would like, because survival used to not be survival but the way of life. The wild was the grocery store.

I find it exciting, something for free that I made with my own hands.

Way back in time the American Indians made a good living off the land and they did not have ANY stores to go buy goods, they did trade with each other but everything they needed was already on the land.

Since its February there are many things happening here in Alabama, its the back and forth of the seasons, cold a few days and warm the next whole week. Flowers are blooming as well as trees but that is not all, the food is appearing as well.

To me and you its wild but that is only because we have forgotten how to take care of ourselves because all the grocery stores.

Dandelions are coming up everywhere and that means food! Not just the greens but the flowers can also be eaten, we make jelly around here to have a nice taste of Spring, here and there during the year.

For The recipe : How to make Dandelion Jelly

There is something else.... I spotted the mint making its appearance and there is nothing like making mint jelly and eating with a hot buttered biscuit in the morning. The jelly is easy to make and mint is something that spreads and keeps coming back year after year.

For The recipe : How to make Spearmint Jelly

After doing a walk around the property I am sure I seen the walking onions, they are where I planted them at the end of the deck, I will watch them to make sure it is them before I pick those for my green salads.

I have so much more to learn, what types of plants are in my woods that I can eat and make use of them.

Over the years I have learned some from my elders like how to pick and cook poke salad, one lady even pickled the stalks but that I have not done, yet. How to make blackberry jams, jelly and cobblers is another lesson from my elders. And I do have both around this property I live on now.

For The recipes : How to make blackberry Jam and jelly 

How To Cook Poke Salad  

I am always happy to learn more about my native plants and how to preserve them and even more I love learning how to use plants as medicine.

Do you eat from the wild?

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By Andria Perry

Photos By Andria Perry

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